Primary School Public Speaking Workshops

Does your child feel shy participating in conversations?

Does your child have difficulty making friends?

Does your child have trouble making presentations and speaking in class?

As part of the school curriculum, students are asked to make speeches or presentations in front of their classmates and teacher.

Many children find the prospect of speaking in front of a group of people to be quite nerve-wracking. It has even been suggested that the reason why so many adults have a fear of public speaking is because they never learned how to feel comfortable in front of a crowd as children.

A child needs to overcome the fear of the stage and performing in front of a large crowd from the very beginning, it becomes an essential aspect of school extra curricular activities if you wish to see your child perform to the best of abilities at debates and other speaking competitions.

The fear of performing in front of a large audience also influences the confidence at contests such as Spelling Bee and State and National level debates and speech competitions.

Have your child attend one of our fun and educational workshops in public speaking and give them an opportunity to really come out of their shell and gain the confidence needed to be a great public speaker!

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